In December of 2011, I was challenged by my father-in-law to run a 5k in 45min, by June 2012! I accepted the challenge quickly, as I was looking for a kick in the pants to get into shape. I immediately registered for a 5K that was in March, so I would have something immediate to train for and give me time to run another one if my goal wasn’t met.

As with most goals or tasks, having the proper equipment is essential to being successful. I began searching for proper running shirts, shorts, and accessories. I quickly found that most offerings out there did not accomodate a 6’4″ person like myself! It took some digging, but I was finally able to find some clothes that worked for me. Along the way to finding clothes for a tall runner, I noticed that there weren’t a lot of resources to help one find the gear. I figured I could help save others some time, and created this site. I don’t know if I’ll ever consider myself a runner, but this is the journey to being in better shape than I was before. I hope it helps your journey as well.

Run Proud, Run Tall!

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