Review : Champion Men’s Tech Performance Long Boxer Brief

I am a new runner and learning as I go through this adventure. I had no real “equipment”, other than some Asics shoes that I used when going to the gym in the past. As I’ve been progressing, I’ve identified different areas that I needed to acquire gear that would make my running easier and more enjoyable!

One of the first things that I was encouraged to purchase was a proper set of running shorts. I did some Google searches and found an article on Running World called “Gear for Big and Tall Runners”. The article recommended the Pearl Izumi Men’s Maverick 2 In 1 Short, which I purchased from Unfortunately, O found the sizes to be too small and the cost a little high. I ended up returning the shorts and decided I could survive with some normal basketball shorts I already had.

After a few runs, I had an episode of slight chafing. It wasn’t anything epic, but I figured I should look for a solution. I had seen the C9 by Champion® Men’s Performance Long Boxer Brief while at Target one day and went to grab some. Although C9 is a Target exclusive brand by Champion, but I found the exact same items on and they are a little cheaper!

The Champion Men’s Tech Performance Long Boxer Brief are made of a performance mesh and have a 9-inch inseam. The 9-inch length is comfortable and appropriate for a tall person. Among other things, the shorts will work with whatever other shorts, capris, or sweats that you decide to wear. As hoped, I haven’t had any signs of chafing since I’ve started using these for my runs. I’ve purchased a pair from Target and another from Amazon, to confirm that they are the same basic product. I highly recommend you try these shorts!

Rating: 5/5 ★★★★★ 

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